Jeffreys Bay

Jeffrey's Bay is one of the world's most amazing waves. Take off at the heavily localised Boneyards section of the wave, connecting through to the Supertubes section down the line to Impossibles, Tubes, Coins and Point before lining up all the way down to the beach break called Albatross.

Boneyards, a full on barrel when it is on over a sucking reef, and when it's small it can be fun.

Supertubes, is a fast full on down the line speed section and the reason you go to J-Bay.

Impossibles is exactly as it's named after, impossible. Some have made it through for the mile long run through to the point but it's a rare situation. When looking at eight foot, it is a scary section of wave and is not fun when you get caught in its grips.

Tubes is a section of reef that throws out great barrels, it is fickle but when it's on it is a ridiculous barrel from take off until you flick off.

Coins is the next section is named so because it is so round and barrels like a coin. It's not really surfed often, so it doesn't usually get too crowded.

Point is the most fun wave in the area. It is user friendly, and a place where all walks of the surf community can get a few waves. It is usually a bit smaller than further up the point and makes a great introduction to Jeffrey's Bay.

Albatross is the final section of Jeffrey's Bay where the wave finally meets the beach. It can get a bit wobbly at times but when the sands right, it pumps. It's not surfed too often because when it's good there are usually better waves further up the point.


Surf Skill:
Surf Type:
  • Shortboarders
May - Jul
Break Direction:
sand, rock, reef
paddle from beach
Local Vibe:
can get tense when it's pumping
Best Conditions
4 - 12ft

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South Africa

Jeffreys Bay Surf Trips

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Jan - Dec
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South Africa

Jeffreys Bay Surf Trips

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