What's The Surf Like?

Samoan surf is a blend of powerful waves forming out of deep water that explode when they hit the offshore coral reef that surrounds the islands.

Samoa has a host of waves with a variety of set ups to chose from  and quality can get world class if the conditions are right. The many reef passes dotting the Samoan coastline present opportunities to those that dare explore the region looking for waves.

Samoa has surf all year round and with the two different seasons comes changes in wind and swell directions. With the dry season (May-October) comes big south swells (3-10ft) and mainly south-east trade winds, so the early session is the go to get those glassy conditions.

During the wet season (November-April) the swell drops to a more comfortable size (2-5ft) and the trade winds are north-east, creating clean offshore conditions.

The swell during the wet season is a combination of small south swells with the occasional cyclone swell which passes to the south. The north swells are the same swells that hit Hawaii, only not as big, so there's always some swell somewhere to be found around the island.

If you are learning or just beginning to surf, you should perhaps look at other surfing destinations as the conditions in Samoa generally aren't suited for you.

Surfing in Samoa is still relatively uncrowded as it is still a new frontier as far as surfing destinations go... it's an intriguing paradise that offers the surf traveler a place to unwind and enjoy perfect surf in tropical paradise!


Surf regions in Samoa include...

Weather in Samoa

November - April
May - October

Samoa has two seasons. The wet season from November to April, and the dry season from May to October. It remains relatively hot and humid year round, and has a very tropical climate. Showers can still occur frequently during the dry season but traditionally do not last long.

The average temperature is around 29'C and the water temperature averages at around 26'C year round.



Upolu is an island in Samoa, formed by a massive basaltic shield volcano which rises from the seafloor of the western Pacific Ocean. It is home to many beautiful resorts and has access to world class surf breaks on the reefs fringing the island.

Accommodation options include Coconuts Beach Resort (WS), SaMoana Resort, Seabreeze Resort, Sinalei Reef Resort.

Surf breaks in the area include Boulders, Coconuts, Fagaloa Bay, Falea Puna, Inside Siumu, Laulii, Outside Siumu, Pudding Rock, Salamumu Point, The Island, Tiavea.

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