Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is arguably the Philippines most famous wave. It is a think pitching peak situated on Siargao Island. Depending on the swell direction the wave either ends clean in the channel or with a pinching section. When Cloud 9 lines up properly it can be mechanical perfection that barrels on every wave.

There are many quality breaks in this region, so a bit exploring might well pay off. Surf guides are relatively cheap and are very worthwhile if you are up for an adventure.

Surf Skill:
Surf Type:
  • Shortboarders
Jul - Nov
Break Direction:
Easy as, walk along pier, short paddle to line up
Local Vibe:
Pretty cool, bit hectic when pumping
Best Conditions
2 - 8ft
SW monsoon wind blows offshore
Mid - High

Nearby Accommodation...

Siargao Island

Sagana Resort

  • Resort
Jan - Dec
3 breaks nearby
Siargao Island

Sagana Resort

Sagana Resort offers unsurpassed access to Cloud 9, its unbelievable waves, and so much more.

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Sagana Resort


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