Papua New Guinea

What's The Surf Like?

PNG is a surf rich country during the surf season but you need to get out there to discover and enjoy it. The New Ireland region directly around Kavieng has seven or so reef breaks, traveling down the New Ireland's east and central coasts you also have an abundance of rarely surfed breaks, whilst the outer islands off New Ireland offer the same quality waves and variety of breaks.

As any surf destination worldwide, which means consistently good surfing conditions.  The St Matthias group of islands, Manus Island, NewHanover and the inner islands around the New Britain Province are still raw and full of discoveries waiting to happen. Surfers have access to a variety of rights and lefts that are generally in the vicinity of 3'-5' but occasionally peak at around the 6' mark which can at times test your abilities. 

The northerly swell season runs from around October to May producing some world-class breaks that can be surfed on any tide. The surf is generally not as powerful as other regions in the world but you can certainly get sizeable, challenging and even shallow breaking waves depending on your choice of reef break. The Vanimo and Madang region's on the mainland also have a variety of good quality surf breaks that have a mixture of reef, point and beach breaks.

Surf regions in Papua New Guinea include...

Weather in Papua New Guinea

November - April
May - October
25 - 30°c

At 2.5 degrees south of the equator, the perfect tropical weather will ensure a perfect 'Melanesian' holiday.

Like all other equatorial climates, PNG experiences a 'wet' and a 'dry' season - The wet season occurs from November through to April (best surf season) and the dry season occurs from May to October. The weather patterns vary greatly because of the mountain and valley configurations but generally the wet is not as hot and humid as other equatorial regions. On average temperatures range from between 25  and 30 degrees celcius, and water temperatures remain warm year round at about 26'C.

New Hanover

New Hanover

New Hanover Island, also known as Lavongai, is a large volcanic island in New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea. It is one of the last regions on earth where you can still surf uncrowded waves.

Accommodation options include Clem's Place, Lissenung Island Resort.

Surf breaks in the area include Clems Right, Malili, Senta Pass, Stepin Blood, Vala Vala.

New Ireland

New Ireland

New Ireland is the largest island of the New Ireland Province and one of the most diverse and untouched regions on earth. Whether nature, culture or exercise excites you, your New Ireland experience will be a lifelong travel highlight!

Accommodation options include Lissenung Island Resort.

Surf breaks in the area include Nusa Lefts, Pikinini, Ral Island.

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