Caroline Islands

What's the surf like?

The Caroline Islands gets its winter waves from swells produced from storms generated in the North Pacific Ocean, while the Western Pacific typhoons produce swells from October to May. Generally, the surf season starts around the beginning of October and finishes towards the end of April. Most of the surf breaks are located a few kilometers offshore and require a boat transfer to access the waves.

Kolonia is the capital of Pohnpei and can be quite a bustling town at times, with even the odd peak hour rush. You will find a few restaurants and bars in town but they quickly disappear as you journey around the island which can be done with around 4 hours driving time.

Perfect barrels aren't the only attraction to the islands, with stunning waterfalls, mountains and trails to explore. The island is also home to some magnificent flora and fauna, reefs and marine life. For those wanting a steep challenge, try climbing Sokehs Rock and be rewarded with breath taking views around the island. As for history, again Pohnpei surprises you with a cultural past not often seen or heard of on a tiny island in the Pacific. Nan Madol is home to a mysterious legend that is only now beginning to come to light. Visit the ruins of this ancient site and ponder a thought for 'a culture past by' or visit WW II relics which lay scattered amongst the tropical forests.

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Caroline Islands


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  • Shortboarders
Jan - Apr, Nov - Dec

P-Pass is one of the worlds best right hand reef breaks. Breaking between November and April, these waves offer barrels of a lifetime.

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