The Wedge (USA)

The Wedge is a ridiculously mean and powerful wave, if you can even call it that. It's best suited to bodyboarding or bodysurfing, although you will find some insane shortboarders taking it on.

On a Southerly swell, the wave refracts off the breakwall creating a sideways wave that merges with the next wave in the set. It then stands up and unloads onto a shallow sandbank creating some crazy barrels or spectacular wipe outs. It's not uncommon to see skimboarders catching the side wash and pulling into some backdoor barrels. 

The Wedge is definitely worth a look even if you have no intention of surfing.

Surf Skill:
Surf Type:
  • Bodyboarders
  • Body Surfers
  • Kneeboarders
  • Shortboarders
Jun - Aug
Break Direction:
Street parking, plan to walk when pumping
Local Vibe:
Best Conditions
S - SW
6 - 20ft
NE - E
Deadly at all tides

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