North America

What's the surf like?

The mainland west coast including breaks like Rincon, Trestles and Huntington pier. This area has swell all year round just watch out for the crowds.

Surf regions in North America include...

Weather in North America

Since North America extends from almost the whole way from the equator to the North Pole, it embraces every climate zone. It is mostly temperate, however, it ranges from tropical in Hawaii and Florida, arctic in North Canada and Alaska, and arid in the Great Basin of the southwest.

Generally winter is considered to be from December to February, with summer falling between June and August.

Southern California

Southern California

The question in Southern California is not what to do, but where to start. It is home to many famous attractions within an easily accessible area. Your choices include amusement parks, architectural landmarks, art museums and galleries, beaches, parks and shopping, just to name a few.

Surf breaks in the area include Huntington Pier Northside, Huntington Pier Southside, Lower Trestles, Rincon, The Wedge, Upper Trestles.

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