Out/Inside Ekas

Situated not far from Kuta, Ekas Bay is home to a couple waves that are quite user friendly in compared to a lot of other Indonesian waves. Outside Ekas is a long, hollow wall that breaks left under a cliff face. This wave is for the more experienced surfer as there is a lot of water moving and the wave is quite powerful.

Inside Ekas is the fun and playful little brother. It's suitable for all abilities, breaking long and perfect far inside the bay. The wave breaks as a peak, with the right generally being the pick out of the two.

Surf Skill:
Surf Type:
  • Funboarders
  • Longboarders
  • Shortboarders
Apr - Oct
Break Direction:
Boat access
Local Vibe:
Pretty cool
Best Conditions
2 - 8ft
SE - E

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