Ombak Tujuh

The premier 'big wave spot' in West Java, Ombak Tujuh is a shifting left-hand peak that barrels off the take-off and reels down the line. It's considered the best wave magnet of the Ujung Genteng region, however due to its exposed nature it picks up swells from several directions giving it shifty conditions. Like all other open, deep water waves a bigger board is recommended to ease the paddle in and make the drop.

Getting to Ombak Tujuh can be quite difficult. Over land is possible but it's a long, tedious drive. The most practical way is by boat.

Surf Skill:
Surf Type:
  • Gun
  • Semi Gun
  • Shortboarders
Apr - Oct
Break Direction:
Boat or paddle from beach
Local Vibe:
Pretty cool
Best Conditions
S - W
3 - 15ft +
Mid - High

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