Nusa Dua

Nestled in between a few large resorts, the wave at Nusa Dua is the East Coast's Uluwatu. It's time to shine is between November and March, during the rainy season. There is always a wave here and it can get quite big. Nusa Dua acts as a swell magnet and is known for getting some of the biggest waves in Bali.

The break is situated quite far offshore so it is a good option to get a local to take you out in his boat. When it is big, watch out for the extremely strong current and rogue sets that can wash you all the way down the reef.

Nusa Dua is also a great place for the family. It has a beautiful beach with plenty of bars, cafes and tidal pools for the kids.

Surf Skill:
Surf Type:
  • Semi Gun
  • Shortboarders
Apr - Oct
Break Direction:
Boat or long paddle
Local Vibe:
Pretty cool
Best Conditions
S - W
3 - 15ft
W - NW
Low - Mid

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