Hyatt Reef

Hyatt Reef is a long, reeling right-hander just visible on the horizon. Just south of Sanur, this break is situated just in front of the Bali Hyatt Resort.

The wave itself can be pretty shallow and a bit sectiony in smaller swells. However, with a high tide and a solid swell, Hyatt Reef is a good as it gets. It starts off with a shifting outer peak that can offer a perfect square barrel, before grinding onto the inside section. The inside peak is a more consistent and better groomed. It allows more maneuvers and set ups for a bowly barrel section.

Being so far out to sea, Hyatt Reef can get wind affected quite easily. Go for the early or glassy days.

Surf Skill:
Surf Type:
  • Semi Gun
  • Shortboarders
Apr - Oct
Break Direction:
Very shallow reef
Local Vibe:
Pretty cool
Best Conditions
S - W
3 - 6ft
NW - W
Mid - High

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