The Banzai Pipeline is probably the world's most renowned wave. When it's on, Pipeline is capable of pulling the most spectacular shows for all those watching from the beach.

The approaching swell is refracted from the outer reefs, Outer Log Cabins and Third Reef, into a long wall that hits the First Reef with a bit of a peak.

First Reef at Pipeline is always extremely powerful, even when its small. It breaks hard on the reef, holding a lot of power in the lip. It puts on a nice show even at four foot, where an exciting little barrel will eventually end with a soft shoulder or closeout on the sandbank. Pipeline is arguably its most dangerous at six foot, as it pitches very hard and quick, creating a very difficult drop.

Any bigger than this, Pipeline begins to open up a bit more, allowing an easier entry. At twelve feet it begins to break at Second Reef, leading into a huge reform barrel once the wave reaches the inside section.

Surf Skill:
Surf Type:
  • Semi Gun
  • Shortboarders
Jan - Apr, Nov - Dec
Break Direction:
Sand, Rock
Easy as, Ehukai Beach park, paddle off the beach
Local Vibe:
Respect the locals is key, don't drop in or hassle, don't go out if you are not good enough and lack respect
Best Conditions
4 - 20ft
Light SE

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