Our History

The Surf Travel Company, Surf Travel or STC are all one of the kind and the names that are synonymous with international surfing and travel adventure and tours since it pioneered the fledgling industry over 28 years ago. Every surfer that has ever been on a trip to Indonesia, the Maldives, PNG, the Pacific or any far flung surfing destination owes a small legacy to STC, because without the foresight and dedication to the traveling surfer, such opportunities would remain only for the hard core explorer. There are now many who imitate, but there is only one Surf Travel Company.

The Surf Travel Company founded the niche market of surf travel, coined the phrase 'surftravel', registered the name, The Surf Travel Company and opened business in 1987, tapping into what surfers wanted in a surfing holiday, sending them to remote destinations that every surfer had ever dreamt of exploring around the world. By accessing some of the best surf on the planet over the past 28 years, Surf Travel established themselves as a world leader in creating some unique surfing and holiday experiences and the company continues to push the limit.

The Surf Travel Company was founded in 1987 by a visionary surfer Paul King and his partner Therese Moran and a few friends as shareholders at Cronulla Beach, NSW, Australia. In its early years, after Paul King and friends made many a surf break discovery in Indonesia in the early eighties that are known today and also helped pioneered the surf charter industry in Indonesia. STC was then the exclusive agent for Bobbies G-Land Camp, the world's first surf camp in the late eighties and was the first travel company to offer surf charters in the Mentawai Islands in the early nineties. Finding that the world offered great surf beyond Australia and Indonesia, in the early nineties Surf Travel also began opening up some amazing travel options to some fantastic surf destinations such as Fiji, PNG, Samoa, Philippines, Hawaii, Sri Lanka and the Maldives and we continue to package together some amazing experiences to new and exciting surfing destinations beyond our humble beginnings.

A change of ownership occurred in 2002, and the company came under the direction of another enigmatic character, David Hutchinson who like his predecessor loved Indonesia for its people, beauty and awesome surf. 


In October 2006, The Surf Travel Company came onto the radar of another couple of passionate surfers, Adrian Bouris and Ian King, who are two of the founders of BBB Capital. After STC had experienced a couple of hard years in the industry due to world events, BBB Capital sought to become involved in re-establishing the Surf Travel Company brand, business, service and reputation for excellence in surf travel and adventure. The business of STC has now been re-established under the name Surf Travel Company Holdings Pty Ltd (STCH). It is worthwhile emphasising that none of STCH or any of its founders or shareholders are associated with, or related to the original owner of STC. Supported by BBB Capital, STCH now has some amazing destinations and product, the majority of which have been experienced by the new owners who have a very ‘hands on’ approach within the company.

All the Surf Travel Company staff are passionate and dedicated about ensuring our clients get their dose of 'Exotic Medicine for the Soul', from every trip we sell. The company remains focused on providing our clients with excellence in customer service. We ensure we take the time to identify our customer’s requirements and needs, ensuring that their chosen surf travel adventure meets expectations, no matter what their budget or surfing standard. We have selected all of our charter boats and land camps based on them having superior value and quality. All of our staff have a passion for surfing and love to travel. They are all fully trained on all of our products and the chances are that if the person you are dealing with hasn't been where you are going, one of us has. The destinations STC go to and the type of experiences that we package are often one of those memorable trips of a life time. 

The new owners have also initiated and grown Chifley Travel & Tours (CTT) which represents our corporate and sporting groups’ desk, servicing our corporate clients and sporting associations’ and clubs’ travel, accommodation and event requirements to any destination in the world. This has broadened our skill base to deliver on nearly any type of business or leisure travel. Contact us today about your next dream trip.

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