Surfing NSW Partnership

Surf Travel is proud to support Surfing NSW and offers the following benefits to its members.

For All Surfing NSW Clubs
For all bookings of 8 or more surfers, Surf Travel is happy to offer the 1 Surfing NSW Club a $500 rebate at the end of each financial year. It is only necessary to have one club member on the trip and the invitation to non-members is encouraged. However, the club member will be the central point of contact for that booking. The booking may consist of any boat charter or resort booking with a minimum of 7 nights stay and at minimum value of $100 per night per person. Please contact Surf Travel for full terms and conditions.

For the individual Surfing NSW Member
All Surfing NSW Members will receive a 20% discount on their travel insurance and a copy of Surf Travel: The Complete Guide, while stocks last.

In order to claim these exclusive Surfing NSW Membership benefits, please provide your membership number at the time of booking.

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