Indonesia with 17000 islands situated throughout the archipelago is home to the largest Islamic community in the world. Home to Bali, the Hindu Islands of the Gods and some amazing cultures. And, for surfers is blessed with some of the best waves on the planet.


Africa is a land rich with cultures, environmental diversity and amazing wildlife. Coupled with some fantastic surf, makes Africa a must do holiday destination for everyone.


The Maldives are a chain of 26 coral atolls lying southwest of Sri Lanka. These atolls extend across the equator in a north-south direction and are 754 km in length and 118 km in width.

New Caledonia

New Caledonia is located 1500 kilometres from Australias east coast. These islands are an overseas territory of France and consists of 3 provinces being the North, South and Loyalty Islands to the south east.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is located in the tropics just south of the equator and is the second largest island in the world, with some 600 outer islands, atolls and coral reefs.


The Philippines are found in the Pacific Ocean and east of the Philippine Sea, has a tropical climate and is rich in biodiversity. The Philippine archipelago has 7,107 islands, a population of 92 million, multiply ethnic cultures and religions. The islands are littered with surf just waiting to be discovered.


Samoa is referred to as the Heart of Polynesia. Immerse yourself in this relaxed island culture or surf until your hearts content. Affordable holiday options, surf all year round and with guided surf transfers and tours, there is always a wave somewhere to be found.

French Polynesia

French Polynesia lies in the South Pacific Ocean half way between Sydney and Los Angeles and just south of the equator. The region is diverse with a fantastic array of surfing locations throughout the entire island chain.

New Zealand

The Land of the Long White Cloud, the Hakka and the Kiwi, also boasts a range of excellent surfing options and has something for everyone. A relaxed style of surfing with people to match.

Sri Lanka

Full of culture and fun times, it is not only the curries that are hot and spicy in Sri Lanka. So is the surfing with hundreds of miles of golden sandy beaches, point and reef breaks.


Fiji is an ideal holiday location for families, friends, as a couple or large groups. Enjoy friendly locals while immersed in a culture only found in Fiji. Surf can be found throughout the entire island chain at certain times of the year.

North America

North America has absolutely everything to offer as a holiday destination. It is a huge continent in the Northern Hemisphere and is a northern subcontinent of the Americas, lying in the Pacific Ocean, north of South America. North America has a population of 529 million and has surfing options for everyone along its coasts.


Micronesia, home to the famous P-Pass is a true water paradise with crystal clear waters, an amazing array of sea life, warm crystal blue waters and some fantastic surf locations.

Central America

Central America is made up of 7 different countries, has a population of 42 million and is the central part of the Americas. Surf is found on the west coast and has a host of point breaks and beaches that offer excellent waves.

South America

South America is located in the southern part of the Americas sub continent. Bordered west by the Pacific Ocean, north and east by the Atlantic Ocean and North America. It includes twelve independent countries, has 372 million people and surf can be found scattered along its coasts.